Customized benchmarking reports. Fast. Easy. Accurate.
  • Facts and insights about your industry or company in a few clicks
  • Created in real-time with artificial intelligence
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Patent Reports

(Patent) Knowledge is power.

Find out who is filing what patents

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Risk Reports

Protect your business. Know the risks.

The main risks in your industry

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Strategy Reports

Be a leader. Outsmart your competition.

Is your business on the right track?

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Security Report

Keep your digital environment protected.

Say no to hackers. Anytime, anywhere.

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Deloitte’s customized benchmarking reports Fast. Easy. Accurate.

Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, Deloitte can offer you powerful insights into your business and industry.

Reports feature

  • Insights from over 100,000 annual reports and 70 million patents
  • Next-generation analytics
  • Real-time processing
  • 100% money-back guarantee
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The new way of consultancy

Our risk, strategy, and patent reports are created with the latest artificial intelligence technology to quickly and efficiently search through more than 100,000 annual reports and 70 million patents, making sure you will get the best insights into your company's needs.

We have a dedicated team of international data scientists who are continuously improving our unique technology. The reports are 100% data and insight driven and we only rely on facts.

For our Security Quickscan we benefit from the knowledge of the world's best hackers: the five-fold winners of the Cyberlympics. You will get insights into possible threats to your online security and what you can do to solve these issues.

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