Company versus Industry

Benchmark your company focus against the industry

This scan shows you in detail how your company’s strategies compare to the strategies of your industry. It provides a more detailed picture of how your company performs compared to the other companies in your industry.

Scan features

  • Insights into your revenue growth, operating margin, and asset efficiency
  • Top 20 list of the highest scoring strategies by industry
  • Trend line of number of strategies over the past 5 years
  • Executive summary of your most important strategy factors
  • Clear overview of your most remarkable differences

Report structure

This scan will provide you with essential information about your business. Your focus points are divided into four categories :

  • Revenue growth
  • Operating margin
  • Asset efficiency
  • Expectations

Good to know

  • Our strategy and risk scans are temporarily on offer.
  • We use the year of your company’s annual report as the year in which we will benchmark your customized scan.
  • Every month we give one industry scan away for free. Take a look at this month's free scan, perhaps you’re in luck!

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Company versus Industry Business Focus Report

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Regular Price: €495.00

Special Price Excl. VAT €99.00 Incl. Tax: €119.79

  • Customized scans with insights from over 100,000 annual reports
  • Generated using artificial intelligence
  • Created using next-generation analytics
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