Example Report

Discover the major business focuses in the Construction Industry

Curious about the content and quality of our reports? Order this free example report now and see for yourself. This report explains in detail which factors affect the construction industry and all other industries as a group. It provides the perfect foundation for you to build your business strategy on.

Report features

  • Insights into your revenue growth, operating margin, and asset efficiency
  • Top 20 list of the highest scoring strategies by industry
  • Trend line of number of strategies over the past 5 years
  • Executive summary of your most important strategy factors
  • Clear overview of your most remarkable differences

Report structure

This report will provide you with essential information about your business. Your focus points are divided into four categories :

  • Revenue growth
  • Operating margin
  • Asset efficiency
  • Expectations

Good to know

  • Our strategy and risk reports are temporarily on offer.
  • We use the year of your company’s annual report as the year in which we will benchmark your customized report.
  • You can also get a risk industry report for free. Take a look at this month's free report, perhaps you’re in luck!

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Construction Business Focus Report
  • Customized scans with insights from over 100,000 annual reports
  • Generated using artificial intelligence
  • Created using next-generation analytics
  • 100% money-back guarantee

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